Artifact 852/010: Drug packaging
Location: 22.330903, 114.171601.
Description: The item would have once contained common drugs.


Artifact 852/001: Cellular Material
Location: 22.329498, 114.153181
This material consists of small spherical balls in a tight cellular formation. It was commonly used in containers of varying sizes however at some point usage ceased due to its extreme toxicity.


Artifact 852/006: Eating Utensil
Location: 22.328598, 114.172103
The utensil is useful for drinking soups. Its design is similar to ceramic versions also thought to have been used commonly throughout this country.


Artifact 852/002: Cap
Location: 22.332330, 114.155534
The item was discovered in what was once a street side garden bed. Many such caps and their corresponding containers have been excavated globally in varying designs and colours.


Artifact 852/007: Lid
Location: 22.328898, 114.172095
A plastic cup lid, it’s branding and markings remain intact.


Artifact 852/008: Metal Can
Location: 22.330412, 114.171912
Long decomposed, this tin can would have once stored food. The intricate ribbing indicates its simple design to improve strength.


Artifact 852/009: Container
Location: 22.330643, 114.171759
A small polystyrene container perhaps used for a potent or medicinal drink.